Re: MPS 803: question about ROM

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2002-01-31 12:00:47

Rainer Buchty wrote:
> Again MPS802. After the hack it was the far superior machine but from the
> basic capabilities I wonder what Commodore's intention was with this
> printer...

It was just a direct descendant of the older PET printers, it's command set
and the idea of a single user definable character per line dates back to at
least the 3023 I have, probably the 2022 also fits into this scheme. At one
point in the evolution of these printers Commodore made a step from a 7x6 or
7x5 matrix to the 8x8 matrix, but they obviously didn't want to support the
9th pin of the 4023/1526/802 print head or expand the command set with a full
graphics mode. (I still need to find that bitmap hardcopy program I once
wrote for the 3023. Took more than an hour to print, partly because it's
written in BASIC, partly because the printer has no optimization mode for
print head movements.)

Regarding the original 801/803 question: IIRC, there was also a program in
64'er magazine that printed the lower part of p,q,g and the like correctly,
but it was not a replacement ROM, but a program that printed the whole text
in graphics mode.


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