RE: MPS 803: question about ROM

From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2002-01-31 11:07:43

> The only two items I remember regarding the MPS 80x printers are:
> - one of these printers only uses 7 of the 8 available needles (or 8 of 9
> ???). The hack enables you to use the last needle as well.

MPS802, 8 of 9 IIRC.

> - one of the printers is not capable of printing graphics. The hack allows
> you to do so.

Again MPS802. After the hack it was the far superior machine but from the
basic capabilities I wonder what Commodore's intention was with this

801 and 803 were somewhat identical, but the 803 was able to print

The articles you mentioned have been published in late 1985, I think.



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