RE: PC/Amiga->C64 xfer programs

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2002-01-13 20:32:03

>>>>> "BZ" == Bo Zimmerman <> writes:

BZ> Hi yall. Two things... I cannot turn off the '060. It's the only
BZ> processor in the machine. And yes, I can and do use 1581 disks to
BZ> transfer data. However, this is a slow process when you are
BZ> considering 100+ files of enormous size. What I'd really like is
BZ> something like 64NET, where I can start a mass file copy and then
BZ> just go to sleep one night.

So what's wrong with 64NET? As for Serial Slave, it's progressing a
little bit slower than I'd like it to, mainly because I didn't get a
single line written during christmas... The file copier is bidirectio-
nal these days, but it's still limited to PRG files. The D64 reader/
writer is also under way, but it won't show up until v0.8, which by
the look of things is going to take a while...

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