RE: FD-2000
Date: 2001-11-15 07:03:57

Hi Todd,

>First of all, I have not heard of this .D2M format. Where can I find the
>specs for it? I'm assuming it is supposed to mimic an actual FD-2000 disk

D2M is created by Wolfgang Mosers PC utility 1581COPY. It basically reads
the FD2000 disk in a PC drive and creates a disk image (a binary file with
T&S info just like D64, etc)

No emulators support it. CBMDISK and 64HDD support the format, but much of
what Womo and I have discovered is by reverse engineering.

1581COPY is one way to make backups (or for transfer via email or use with
64HDD), the other is via a general purpose MFM disk utility called TeleDisk
(but format is compressed).

>On a real FD-2000 disk, the system partition is located on physical
>track 81, assuming that tracks 1-80 are used for actual disk data. >Does
>.D2M format include this 81st track, the crucial system partition? 

Yes it does. I had some notes on the format of the system partition and can
read through it and then jump to the various partitions as need be...

>> The question is, what actually gets displayed when stick a disk (with
>> of partitions) into a drive and type LOAD"$"
>The current root directory of the default partition associated to that disk
>would be displayed. The default partition is probably written to as a value
>somewhere on the system partition.

Interesting... it's knowing what defines default that seems to be my
problem. The T81 entries seem not to differentiate which of the available
partitions is default...

One of the images I have has a 1581, 1571, 1541 and NATIVE partition.
Interestingly it has the header for the native partition written in two
locations (one within the 1581 partition, but at the T&S for a NATIVE ONLY

- Nick


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