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> I've managed to update my CBMDISK program to display directories from
> partitions on a D2M image of a native FD-2000 disk.
First of all, I have not heard of this .D2M format. Where can I find the
specs for it? I'm assuming it is supposed to mimic an actual FD-2000 disk
image. On a real FD-2000 disk, the system partition is located on physical
track 81, assuming that tracks 1-80 are used for actual disk data. Does the
.D2M format include this 81st track, the crucial system partition? I once
created some sample FD-2000 disk images, containing this 81st track, but I
never got around to using them as there were no file system utilities on the
modern PC side of things to make full use of these images.

> The question is, what actually gets displayed when stick a disk (with lots
> of partitions) into a drive and type LOAD"$"
The current root directory of the default partition associated to that disk
would be displayed. The default partition is probably written to as a value
somewhere on the system partition.

If you want to display a partition directory, i.e., a listing of partitions
on a FD-2000 disk, type this using JiffyDOS:


> If its the System partition, I'd appreciate it if someone could send me
> format (that is save the LOAD"$" to a file SAVE"FOR-NICK")
I've got a text file somewhere which describes in detail of this system
partition. As far as I know, the system partition cannot be displayed by
normal directory listing means. If you're interested, drop me a line via
private email and I'll try to dig it up and send it your way.

-Todd Elliott

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