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Date: 2001-11-15 07:45:40

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> One of the images I have has a 1581, 1571, 1541 and NATIVE partition.
> Interestingly it has the header for the native partition written in two
> locations (one within the 1581 partition, but at the T&S for a NATIVE ONLY
> disk????).....
Uh, I'm not entirely clear on this. What is the 'header'? Secondly, how did
you get this disk image which has a 1581/1571/1541/Native partition? It
sounds like a specially created disk image that I created on my c128d. Does
it have the same recurring files in those partitions? If I remember, there
were five files or so in each test partition and they were all the same
files. If so, then that's the disk image I created. I sent it to Sorex for
testing, and probably to Womo as well.

Anyway, I used the SuperCPU+c128 burst mode commands to physically read in a
FD-2000 disk wholly into SuperRAM memory and then created two files. I
couldn't create a single file because it would be too big for the 1.44
MS-DOS disk format. I transferred these two files on a 1.44 MS-DOS formatted
disk onto my pentium box and concatenated the two files into a single
FD-2000 disk image. If you want more information on how I did this on my
c128d+SuperCPU, check out the source code file at the Fridge:

I could have goofed in concatenating the files. The MS-DOS transfer utility,
Little Red Reader for the c128 could have made a mistake. The SuperRAM could
have acted up (heat causes problems) and caused some inconsistencies in
creating the FD-2000 disk image.

In short, the FD-2000 disk image that I created on my c128d shouldn't be
taken as reliable gospel until I've had the time to analyze the 'header'
problem you described. (I use HIEW, btw, in doing a disk image analysis.)

-Todd Elliott

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