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Date: 2001-11-15 08:25:08

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> One of the images I have has a 1581, 1571, 1541 and NATIVE partition.
> Interestingly it has the header for the native partition written in two
> locations (one within the 1581 partition, but at the T&S for a NATIVE ONLY
> disk????).....
Ok, I'm a little bit more clearer on what you mean by header, but I'm still
a little bit confused. Do you mean to say that there are two identical
copies of track 1, sector 1 for the native partition, where one is located
somewhere in the 1581 partition and the other one is located at the usual
location (T1/S1) in the native partition?

It sounds like a reformat condition to me. It appears that this disk had
been initially formatted as a single Native partition occupying the entire
FD-2000 disk. Then whoever created the disk decided to reformat it by adding
1581, 1571, 1541 partitions and finally the Native partition. I don't know
how the FD-2000 disk drive handles reformatting of disks that have been
already formatted. In this scenario, the FD-2000 disk drive probably goes
through the lazy route, just setting up disk headers for the relevant
partitions and doesn't actually phsycially format every single T/S of the
disk. So, a 'ghost' copy of the original native partition can appear in the
1581 partition, and bears no connection with the new native partition which
is now numbered #4 in the partition structure.

-Todd Elliott

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