Re: Cassette port connectors and cases

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-10-29 07:32:48

On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Nicolas Welte wrote:

> wrote:
> > Also a 25-9 adaptor housing could possibly be used, giving a little more
> > circuit board space.
> You must be careful about this, because the datasette connector must be
> on the DB-9 side of the adaptor. This one just fits into the port of a
> CBM-SK model, the 25 pin would be much too wide. I already feared even
> the DB-9 wouldn't fit, but it does. I just checked it.

Damn, I didn't think about that.  Do you mean that it wouldn't fit in the
left-hand-side cassette port of the 8032-SK?  The port on the back should
be closer to the back panel, I think.

During the weekend, I designed a surface-mounted board layout.  It fits
entirely inside the DB9-DB25 connector case I had lying around.  I thought
that I'd mount the cassette port connector to the DB25 end of the case.
Now you're suggesting that some of the DB25 end has to be removed, in
order for the cassette port connector to fit.  I don't think that it is

BTW, does anyone know good sources of cassette port connectors and
DB9-DB25 adapter cases?


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