Re: Cassette port connectors and cases

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-10-29 11:13:30

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> Damn, I didn't think about that.  Do you mean that it wouldn't fit in the
> left-hand-side cassette port of the 8032-SK?  The port on the back should
> be closer to the back panel, I think.

Actually I checked the right-side port on the 8296, I don't have an 8032-SK.
On normal machines the cassette port on the back side should be easily
accessible even by a DB25 connector housing, but I don't think this works
with the SK style left or right port.

> Now you're suggesting that some of the DB25 end has to be removed, in
> order for the cassette port connector to fit.  I don't think that it is
> impossible.

I just compared my cassette port connector with a DB25 plug, and if the part
for the DB25 mounting screws is removed, it should fit well into all tape

> BTW, does anyone know good sources of cassette port connectors and
> DB9-DB25 adapter cases?

I always buy such stuff at, or At
Kessler, search for "Comodore". Or Article number "UPS12", if you can't
reproduce their typo ;-)


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