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Not sure which specific chip is used in the drives (not owning one) but the
reading and writing is done through the command channel, hence CMD DOS must
know about device. If you need the chip protocol I'd expect some disassembly
is required and you'll need to find the memory map location for the RTC.

Regarding the SmartMouse, the protocol is different for this device. Alan
Dickey once sent me a driver so I could examine the source... I could
forward it on to you.

There is a Joystick port device which uses the Dallas SmartWatch chip
available on the internet with GEOS driver. The chip is quite expensive (one
guy tried to sell me one for US$30).

If you wanted to go the generic route the RTCs used in AT machines or higher
would be cheaper and more readily available. This is the DS1287 or DS12887
chips. You could also go for the older MC16818 RTC.

Personally I gave up and used the clock on 64HDD ;)

- Nick

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There are a lot of CMD units with RTC chips in them and I'd like to
hack together my own compatible unit. Does anyone know which RTC is
used and how it's addressed in the different units? Especially the
SmartMouse' chip would be good, a small joyport dongle should be easy
to make.

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