Re: Cassette port connectors and cases

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-10-26 22:08:05 wrote:
> Also a 25-9 adaptor housing could possibly be used, giving a little more
> circuit board space.

You must be careful about this, because the datasette connector must be
on the DB-9 side of the adaptor. This one just fits into the port of a
CBM-SK model, the 25 pin would be much too wide. I already feared even
the DB-9 wouldn't fit, but it does. I just checked it. 

> Has anyone seen a DB15 to DB9 adaptor housing? I'm looking for something
> like this for another idea.

Me too :-) But I fear they are not available at all :-( I could use them
for a Mac-to-VGA monitor adaptor, but never could find one. My Iiyama
monitor also has a 15pin low density dsub connector, but not in the
usual Mac configuration, so I had to build a special cable for it. It
seems the users of 15, 19 and 23pin D-Sub connectors are pretty much
ignored by the adaptor housing industry. We can be happy that the
connectors are still available!


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