Re: 8032-SK/3016

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-08-20 00:08:59

>>>>> "AV" == Adrian Vickers <> writes:

AV> Hmm... The PSU is (I think) OK - at least, there's some volts
AV> coming off it. CPU/ROM/VIA - I've no idea how to check these.
AV> Well, I *could* swap them with the other 8032 I've got, but I
AV> don't want to try that until I know I'm not going to fry known
AV> good chips...

Unless you have a short circuit somewhere (chips getting REALLY hot
and +5V measuring something like 2-3V) it should be safe to swap
chips. I'd suggest unplugging the hires graphics board and putting the
character rom and editor rom from your other 8032 in UA3 and UD7.

AV> Does funet have any chip pinouts?

Don't think so, and strangely enough all my web searches for 2316 or
2332 pinouts turn out blank. Could someone who knows the pinout please
submit it to the chip directory?

AV> I am. Interestingly, this Hi-res board has sockets marked UD7, UD11 and
AV> UD12; the "GRAPHIX17/B" chip is in UD7, theres an un-marked ROM in UD11,
AV> and UD12 is empty.

UD11 and UD12 are expansion sockets. The computer should work just
fine without anything plugged into these.

AV> Next question: How do I turn the ROM images into chips? Add salt &
AV> vinegar? ;)

You'll have to get an EPROM burner or have someone with an EPROM
burner do it for you. Unfortunately my PC with the burner is dismant-
led at the moment.

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