Re: 8032-SK/3016

From: Raymond C. Bryan (
Date: 2001-08-20 03:17:16

A couple things if you have a volt meter test the power supplie 
voltages  then see that the cpu has a "clock" pulse (on the 6502 is 
that on pin2 like the 6510?, look this up) a voltmeter should show 
about 2.5 volts on the clock pin (50% duty cycle of 5 V).

Next if you have a working 8032 putting a dead chip in that will not 
fry the working unit, but that will tell you that have a working or 
dead chip (cpu, rom,via).  Second the RAM is also a possible problem 
- but probably not socketed. Or you could have faulty logic ics 
74lsxx again not socketed.


>  >AV> This machine acts dead to the world. When powered up, the valve in
>>AV> the back of the tube glows, but the monitor itself doesn't seem to
>>AV> come to life. This may just be because I can't hear it whistle,
>>AV> but I can ususally hear these tubes... Also, the startup beep is
>>AV> missing, and blind-typing "?chr$(7)[cr]" has no effect.
>>I think this narrows down the problem to the power supply,  CPU, ROM
>>or VIA. Well, not too narrow...
>Hmm... The PSU is (I think) OK - at least, there's some volts coming off
>it. CPU/ROM/VIA - I've no idea how to check these. Well, I *could* swap
>them with the other 8032 I've got, but I don't want to try that until I
>know I'm not going to fry known good chips...
>Does funet have any chip pinouts? When testing voltages, it would obviously
>be handy to check across the +ve and GND pins, rather than some signal pins...
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