Re: 8032-SK/3016

From: Adrian Vickers (
Date: 2001-08-20 20:17:36

At 12:08 am 20/08/2001 +0200, MagerValp wrote:
>>>>>> "AV" == Adrian Vickers <> writes:
>AV> Hmm... The PSU is (I think) OK - at least, there's some volts
>AV> coming off it. CPU/ROM/VIA - I've no idea how to check these.
>AV> Well, I *could* swap them with the other 8032 I've got, but I
>AV> don't want to try that until I know I'm not going to fry known
>AV> good chips...
>Unless you have a short circuit somewhere (chips getting REALLY hot
>and +5V measuring something like 2-3V) it should be safe to swap
>chips. I'd suggest unplugging the hires graphics board and putting the
>character rom and editor rom from your other 8032 in UA3 and UD7.


OK, I tried that - no change. Still no bleep, no screen. I didn't try
swapping the 6502 out; I may put that in the good 8032 to see if it works.

Also, I checked the voltage at the CPU - 5.23 volts and as stable as you
like. I'll check the 6545A next to it if I can find a pinout, as that one
seems to be getting a bit on the warm side.

<pause for websearch>

Hmmmmm.. CRT controller, eh? I wonder if I've just found the problem? I bet
it's not possible to get these chips anymore. It doesn't help that it's not
socketed either :(

>AV> Does funet have any chip pinouts?
>Don't think so, and strangely enough all my web searches for 2316 or
>2332 pinouts turn out blank. Could someone who knows the pinout please
>submit it to the chip directory?

There's something about the 2332 on funet; I've not tried downloading it
yet (still getting the 6545 data sheet...).

>AV> Next question: How do I turn the ROM images into chips? Add salt &
>AV> vinegar? ;)
>You'll have to get an EPROM burner or have someone with an EPROM
>burner do it for you. Unfortunately my PC with the burner is dismant-
>led at the moment.

I shall probably buy a burner. I've actually got one for the BBC 'B', but
all the leads & software are missing. It'd be cool to use it though: An
early '80s Beeb fixing an early '80s PET; there's a nice symmetry to that.

B-Racing: B where it's at :-)

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