What to do when I want to make my machine NTSC and vice versa.

From: CreamD/Dmagic (creamd_at_c64.sk)
Date: 2001-08-19 19:15:52

I have friend overseas who would like to set up one PAL equipment and on my
side I would like to set up NTSC machine. It's too expensive to send out the
whole machine, so we have decided to send only necessary chips as we have
heard that just Timing Crystal and VIC are needed to be changed.

Is here anyone who could provide me with explanation what to do an how to do
it. I'm not hardware freak but I can solder things in&out (I hope I didn't
forget that) Maybe also some photos showing what is what could help. I
should be able to identify the parts (at least I should know which is VIC)
but my friend probably not.

thanx in advance

CreaMD of Dmagic

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