Re: VIC 26 Lines Bug - Truth or Legend ?

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-08-18 02:13:05

>>>>> "JP" == Jason Petersen <> writes:

NC> I've heard of people running the PAL/NTSC speed up trick for
NC> extended periods with out frying the 6510... so it would seem that
NC> most chips in the C64 can cope with a 1MHz to 1.3MHz change....

JP> Does this hack involve running PAL machines with a NTSC crystal?
JP> As far as I know, the 6510 runs at ~1 MHz for NTSC machines. It
JP> would be super cool if there's a way to overclock to 1.3 MHz
JP> easily. But somehow I think this will only work on PAL..

You put a switch over the PAL/NTSC jumper. The jumper controls the
clock frequency divider -- /18 for pal and /14 for NTSC iirc (probably
not, just got home from the pub :). The vic won't be able to show any
graphics -- or at least 15 kHz monitors won't be able to display it.
Btw, shouldn't a multisync monitor that can handle 15-20 kHz be able
to display b/w graphics in this mode? Anyway, this hack was popular
with sceners as it allowed them to pack files faster.

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