From: Adrian Vickers (avickers_at_solutionengineers.com)
Date: 2001-08-19 19:09:25

Hi all,

I've also posted this plea for help on comp.sys.cbm, in case anyone sees it

I've just picked up an 8032-SK & 3016, both dead to the world :( I'm hoping
that some of you who have been around these machines longer than I could

First, the 8032-SK.

This machine acts dead to the world. When powered up, the valve in the back
of the tube glows, but the monitor itself doesn't seem to come to life.
This may just be because I can't hear it whistle, but I can ususally hear
these tubes... Also, the startup beep is missing, and blind-typing
"?chr$(7)[cr]" has no effect. 

This machine came fitted with a daughterboard which identifies itself as
the machine, all of the flying leads were disconnected; the board itself
plugs in to two chip sockets; these I assume are either replaced by stuff
on the HRGB, or moved up onto it. The only chip with any decent identifying
mark has "GRAPHIX17/B" on it, on a white sticky label.

I've taken some photos of the mainboard, because I'm not convinced the
mainboard is fully populated. The HRGB has been removed, so at least two
chips are missing... I'll take some photos of the HRGB as soon as the
camera batteries have recharged...

Then there's the 3016 (not 4016, as I wrote in c.s.cbm). That switches on,
and displays a picture, but it's full of garbage. Keypresses have no
effect. I'm assuming that something internal (an EEPROM, perhaps?) has
become corrupted. As I have no EEPROM blower, I will be unable to fix this
one, unless someone can identify the failed chip & suggest where I might
obtain a replacement.

There's some photos of that one too; the display is different each time you
power it up.

All pictures will be temporarily hosted at:

If you follow the link, and get an error message, it's because I've not put
the page up yet (I estimate in about an hour from now, after I've touched
up the pictures).

Any and all advice/help is much appreciated.

B-Racing: B where it's at :-)

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