Re: What to do when I want to make my machine NTSC and vice versa.

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-08-19 20:52:19

CreamD/Dmagic wrote:
> I have friend overseas who would like to set up one PAL equipment and on my
> side I would like to set up NTSC machine. It's too expensive to send out the
> whole machine, so we have decided to send only necessary chips as we have
> heard that just Timing Crystal and VIC are needed to be changed.
> Is here anyone who could provide me with explanation what to do an how to do
> it. I'm not hardware freak but I can solder things in&out (I hope I didn't
> forget that) Maybe also some photos showing what is what could help. I
> should be able to identify the parts (at least I should know which is VIC)
> but my friend probably not.

I wrote an article for GO64! on this topic, without pictures, but with a
list of components that have to be changed. Do you understand German?
I'm not sure I have the English translation of that article.


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