RE: New list please

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-05-11 20:35:51

Hello all,

A few points about the great debate:

1. The project is ON TOPIC for the list as best I can
tell. Yes, some of the posts have been somewhat fluffy
and alot of traffic has come about from it. I don't
think that takes it off topic.

2. The idea (and I've thankfully forgotten who's it
was) that the posts are unsuitable to the list because
some of them are made by Americans is WAY OFF IN OUTER
SPACE. Somebody needs to make a reality check on that

3. If anyone says "This list has become too busy. Some
of the content is too light and not very fulfilling."
I suppose their opinion should be respected and their
wishes ought to be considered when posting. So far, I
haven't heard that yet; Just alot of whining and
accusatory "You people are ruining my beautiful list"
kinda crap. 

4. I can show respect for anyone who will do the same
for me, and I think I do. Meanwhile, I have ALREADY
reduced the frequency of my posts. Anyone who feels a
post of mine is off topic is welcome to ignore it. 

5. I will be very happy to participate in a seperate
list devoted to Jeri's projects and related topics as
soon as one is setup. That should satisfy people's
desires to have a more targeted list with less
traffic. I REALLY HOPE that doesn't mean the other
readers here will not also participate in the new

The last thing I want is for the community to become
factionalized in ways that prevent the free exchange
of ideas and experience. I think we'll be better off
keeping a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

--- Bo Zimmerman <> wrote:
> I have to agree with Ruud.  Ok, so occassionally we
> sound a little like COPS
> with our streams of "gratz" (COPS would go through
> such a wave of
> "congratulations" every time Maurice wrote another
> line of code in the Wave
> :), but all the same, the project itself certainly
> SEEMS to fit the group.
> Perhaps I am misunderstanding the purpose of the
> list...?

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