Re: New list please RE: C64 w/No Original Silicon!!!!

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-05-11 23:05:26

Hallo allemaal,

>  There is a seperate
> SuperCPU mailing list which serves very well for SuperCPU people, and a
> Homestead mailing list for CBM "users". In a similar vein I really think
> there ought to be a J-board mailing list. Any suggestions for a list name?

I seem to remember that two years ago three lists were packed together 
because of the fact that 1) each list alone had a low email throughput 
and 2) 90% of the regular posters were members of all three lists. IMHO 
you want to turn the clock back. 

I can remember a period that I posted an email to makes sure that I was 
still a member of the list; no email in 5 days time. 

> I would much rather people talked about hacking CBM hardware.

Lets see the topics of the last days: J-board, PC-card, OZ-card and J64 
(Jeri's new C64). All CBM hardware hacks by my standards. 

> There are many more Americans here now,
> who talk about expensive peripherals and what they would like to see
> in new designs and how much they'd be prepared to pay for it, but very
> little in the way of actual technical contributions of their own. 

What is expensive? I admire that Amercian Tito. He dared to spend over 
20 MILLION DOLLAR to realise a dream. Honnestly, I would have done 
exactly the same. 

No contribution? Be happy that they are there at all! I learned a lot by 
just reading the stuff on this list. If you freighten them away, who is going 
to take over when we are dead and gone? Please, give them a chance 
and some credit.

I must admit that I also was a little bit unhappy about all the "yes, we 
want this and that" after Jeri's announcement. But please, let people 
dream. And now one of us realised a piece of that common dream. 

About "Americans": with all respect but in my eyes she is THE CBM-
Hacker for the moment and she is American AFAIK :) 
( I read your statement of no offence meant, same for all above)

And now lets hope that that damned signature thing works.

Groetjes, Ruud
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