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From: Hársfalvi, Levente (
Date: 2001-05-12 09:57:47


Professor Dredd wrote:

> A few points about the great debate:
> ...I suppose their opinion should be respected and their
> wishes ought to be considered when posting. So far, I
> haven't heard that yet; Just alot of whining and
> accusatory "You people are ruining my beautiful list"
> kinda crap.

Man, have you ever sit down to a (just known by report) 10-15 members,
'fundamental', friendly group in a pub?

Have you ever expected them to accept and follow your own norms in 5

If so, what have they told you in return?...

(No offence meant :-) (see, this is cbm-hackers and not such a pub-group :-)
), just couldn't resist to ask it once.)

> *thud*
> *gets off floor*
> Ya know, there are times for words.. This isnt one.  Congrats, Jeri, on
> breaking serious ground for furthering the commodore 64 into today's world.

This is EXACTLY what I felt when I read Jeri's original post :-).

Before that, I thought such potential for creating things (computer
hardware, and C= related hardware in particular) should probably not exist
at all :-O. And here comes a young, sweet _female_ hardware designer, who
just appears once and makes all 'standard' expectations the past :-). Not
even a bigger, commercial _company_ (I mean CMD) have ever been able to
present _nearly_ as amazing hardware as she did _alone_ in just few months.

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