RE: New list please RE: C64 w/No Original Silicon!!!!

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-05-11 17:36:21

On Fri, 11 May 2001, Christopher Phillips wrote:

> cbm-hw-hackers ?  (for all hw addons)

I think that the original idea of this list was detailed technical
discussions about advanced hardware and software projects.  As some of you
may remember, originally there were three lists hosted on  
One was about multi-tasking unix-like OSes, one about something else and
the last one was hardware-related.  There was almost no traffic on the
lists (at most a few messages per month).  Since I merged the lists,
traffic has increased.  I'm sure that the first messages on this list (by
myself, Ruud Baltissen, Frank Kontros and others) were very much hardware

I've enjoyed following Ruud's PC-card thread on this list, although I
cannot contribute much to that.  But I don't think that end-user related
discussions and daydreams belong here.  Had the discussions on Jeri's
board been on a technical level (e.g. questions on how the sprite logic
should work and how it is implemented now), I wouldn't have minded.

To Ramses: I prefer an almost dead list with high signal to noise ratio
over what cbm-hackers has become now.  Generic things can always be
discussed on other fora, such as on the Usenet or other mailing lists.

> I don't think anything should be created until sometime monday, to
> give people in random timezones time to respond.

That is a good idea.


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