Re: C64 w/No Original Silicon!!!!

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-05-11 16:38:08

Hello Ruud.

--- Ruud Baltissen <> wrote:

Customizing the KERNAL is a really cool and fun thing
to do but ...

> What I also realy would like is something that
> enables me to choose the
> KERNAL I want to start up with. Now I use a big
> EPROM and some switches. I
> also built a board which enables me to load my own
> KERNAL in SRAM and then,
> after a Reset, using that as new KERNAL.
> Having an harddisk attached, one could write a
> CONFIG file telling the
> momentary KERNAL which KERNAL to load and to startup
> with.

I have discovered that running the KERNAL from RAM is
bad, bad, bad. Lots of programs like to store VIC data
or their own routines there. As soon as a program
LOADs or transfers memory to the $E000 you kan kiss
KERNAL goodbye.

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