Re: C-128 and Jeri board

From: Lance Lyon (
Date: 2001-05-03 16:10:44

I've been following this thread over the last few weeks & watching the topic
go from (IMHO) the sublime to the ridiculous.

I've seen people suggest that it be made compatible with the C128 in native
mode, but "leave out the Z80 & CP/M modes", add all sorts of things to it
until it's reached the stage where it's no longer a C64 (or even remotely
resembles one).

> In that case you better setup a firm to remarket the original C64. Did you
> know that the original C64 didn't have a diskdrive attached? Is one with a
> diskdrive less C64?

I think you need to recheck your facts there, the 64 from day one had a
floppy available to it.

> I think it is a good idea to model the C64 to the modern ages, but we have
> to keep the original design phylosopies in mind: Doing much with an awfull
> little bit of technology.

Agree with this one, but the monster that is emerging is some hybrid PC
bolted on to a 20 year old 8 bitter with little left of the original
machine; cpu ? replace it! keyboard ? replace it to! SID ? Nope, too
outdated, replace it! VIC? Nah, too slow, can't do today's graphics
resolutions, replace it! (see where we are heading, uh-oh Toto, I don't
think it's a 64 anymore....)

Now a certain amount of tinkering isn't a bad thing (for example the IDE
ports that have surfaced) etc. These are bolted on to a normal good ol'
Commie that still runs exactly as the designer intended, even the Super CPU
is only an enhancement to the original.

But what is being proposed here is not a 64 anymore; if you want all that
speed, sound & extra ability, get a PC! I use my C128D with software that
was written way back when for it & it's predecessor, it works well & fast
enough with that. If I want modern sound, graphics & performance, then I use
my 650MHz PC.

Call me a purist......



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