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From: Pinxteren R.van (Ramses) (
Date: 2001-05-02 15:06:39

In that case you better setup a firm to remarket the original C64. Did you
know that the original C64 didn't have a diskdrive attached? Is one with a
diskdrive less C64?

I think it is a good idea to model the C64 to the modern ages, but we have
to keep the original design phylosopies in mind: Doing much with an awfull
little bit of technology.
so: We can expand my list of this morning with: 
-a dedicated sound processor capable of doing SID and WAV and MP3 (if
-a dedicated graphcs processor capable of displaying on a VGA screen (With a
resolution as high as possible!)
-a dedicated IO processor capable of providing DMA etc.
-a small proc capable of controlling all the HW described.

The main advantage is (again): If we want to expand, we can add a new
dedicated controller, and a new module in the kernal,a nd we are going.

My 2 cents again

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Onderwerp: Re: C-128 and Jeri board

>I like that idea. All the C-64 motherboards (20 +
>million or so) will eventually be dead anyway. We
>might as well replace them if we have the opportunity.

Sure this is a good point, but...

>I won't be satisfied until I can connect my
>cable-modem to my Super-64 and browse the web with
>full graphics  :)
...would the result be a C64, or even a Commodore any more at all? ;-)

(This just came to my mind, since I'm just having a debate with my friend
about speeding up a C64. For his opinion, a C64 equipped with a SuperCPU is
not a C64 any more.)


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