Re: C-128 and Jeri board

From: Lance Lyon (
Date: 2001-05-03 16:18:40

> Each generation reduced more discreet components to
> integrated circuits. Each one added some new hardware
> features over its predecessors. Every computer in that
> list still kept about 90% backward compatibility with
> the original Apple II. At what point did this family
> tree no longer produce Apple II computers?

The C= lineage is somewhat different : PET > VIC20 > C64 > C128 > (finally,
but not produced) C65.

Each of these is a logical upgrade over the previous model, the wholesale
replacement of almost everything within the 64 is not an "upgrade", it's a
new machine, call it that rather than a 64, it's a modern "clone" with
somewhat backward compatibility; how much *original* software & hardware
will be broken by the new machine ?

> That's exactly what were doing here with Jeri's
> project you see. We (well, Jeri really) are
> integrating discreet components and adding advanced
> hardware features.

Nothing discreeet about 'em at all!



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