The C= Spirit (C-128 and Jeri board)

From: Jeri Ellsworth (
Date: 2001-05-03 20:37:19


> Agree with this one, but the monster that is
> emerging is some hybrid PC
> bolted on to a 20 year old 8 bitter with little left
> of the original
> machine; cpu ? replace it! keyboard ? replace it to!
> SID ? Nope, too
> outdated, replace it! VIC? Nah, too slow, can't do
> today's graphics
> resolutions, replace it! (see where we are heading,

  I don't think Commodore computer is a piece of
silicon manufactured by CSG anymore.  Most of the
people who have lasted this long in the community are
here because of their love of hacking and the
challenge of doing things that are considered
  I receive a lot of pleasure hacking things onto my
20 year old C= hardware, much like how I enjoy hot
rodding old cars.  I've owned cars that don't have the
original motor, trans, rear-end, glass, seats, radio,
exhaust and the body has more bondo than metal.  It's
faster, louder, prettier, handles better and gets more
peoples attention, but is it still a 62 Nova? Yes!    
  It's the spirit that attracts me to C= and the

Call me a purist.

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