Re: C-128 and Jeri board

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-05-02 18:24:42

Again, I encourage you to have a look at the Apple II
lineage. With each generation of Apple II, the
engineers were able to consolidate more discreet
components into LSI/VLSI chips. It went something
Apple II
Apple II+
Apple IIe
Apple IIc
Apple IIe Platinum
Apple IIe Card
Apple IIgs

The "card" plugged into a Macintosh computer. It
contain a chip which was an entire Apple IIe computer
and disk controller reduced to one integrated circuit.

Each generation reduced more discreet components to
integrated circuits. Each one added some new hardware
features over its predecessors. Every computer in that
list still kept about 90% backward compatibility with
the original Apple II. At what point did this family
tree no longer produce Apple II computers?

That's exactly what were doing here with Jeri's
project you see. We (well, Jeri really) are
integrating discreet components and adding advanced
hardware features.

By the way, your definition excludes the C-128 from
the C-64 family because the C-64 motherboard and
keyboard are not present. The C-128 actually uses
hardware logic to emulate the C-64 environment. It's
all done within the MMU. The only chips shared by the
two different computers are the CIAs (and possibly the
SID although that changed in the C-64 too)

--- Miika Seppanen <>
> As long as the original mainboard (and maybe the
> keyboard, though this is
> not an issue) is in use, doing more than being just
> a keyboard. Especially
> if the machine is expanded with original expansion
> ports (by the means that
> are provided without modificating the mainboard) I
> see no reason, why that
> mighty little thing couldn't be called a C64. This
> Jeri board is not really
> like that, but it seems to be so cool that I'd still
> call a C64 equipped
> with that a real thing. ;-)

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