Re: C-128 and Jeri board

From: Miika Seppanen (
Date: 2001-05-02 17:11:47

At 07:08 2.5.2001 -0700, wrote:
>Your friend is correct, the C-64 is now a Super-CPU
>equipped C-64. But you are incorrect if you think it
>is not at all a C-64 anymore.

Well, our debate began when I told him about the C64 www-server at For his opinion, that machine is not a C64 any more. Of course
this question is not disturbing my lust for life, but it'd be interesting to
see what people consider as being "the Thing", how long it's appropriate to
call a equipped C64 a C64? ;-)

>What do you think makes it a C-64? Is it the

As long as the original mainboard (and maybe the keyboard, though this is
not an issue) is in use, doing more than being just a keyboard. Especially
if the machine is expanded with original expansion ports (by the means that
are provided without modificating the mainboard) I see no reason, why that
mighty little thing couldn't be called a C64. This Jeri board is not really
like that, but it seems to be so cool that I'd still call a C64 equipped
with that a real thing. ;-)

For me, the fun of doing will stay as long as I can consider the machine a
real C=. 


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