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From: Dave R. (
Date: 2001-04-26 14:59:28

At 04:28 AM 4/26/01 -0700, you wrote:
>While you and I (and many other C-64 enthusiasts)
>would be willing to pay ALOT of $$$ for a new C-64,
>that's not really a large enough market to justify the
>development costs.

That's true, we enthusiasts are the only market for such a device.  But I 
think the development costs can be largely offset if you consider such a 
device a "labor of love" by someone willing to spend their own time to 
design a 64 replacement.  That only leaves their monetary investments to be 
recouped, which shouldn't be too bad with the costs of programmable logic 
technology.  If the entire 64 can be crammed into one FPGA, the chip itself 
will probably only be $40-50 each in small quantities.  Add a board and 
other parts and we're talking maybe, what, $150-$200 per unit?

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