Re: Doorst: rechten commodore

From: Sam Laur (
Date: 2001-04-26 14:33:41

Christer Palm wrote:
> No, that was bough by Western Design Center (,
> which is actually a MOSTEK spinoff AFAIK.

WDC still has Bill Mensch running it, formerly from MOS Technologies 
(during 1974-77), but otherwise it is a completely separate entity
founded in 1978. Of course Mr. Mensch worked on the 6800 and 6502,
and has of course made 65C02 and so on under WDC. 

Mostek is a very different thing from MOS Technologies. These are
two companies that have been confused many times in the past.
I think Mostek was bought by ST Microelectronics, at least former
Mostek SRAM parts are (were?) still made by them, using the old
Mostek part numbers (MKxxxx). Mostek was mostly making memory chips,
until the late 80's when DRAM prices dropped and it was sold to 
SGS/Ates which was then bought by Thomson, and so on.

I even did a search engine lookup and many (too many) were the pages
that referred to Mostek calculator chips, or Mostek 6502... and
they're all wrong!
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