Re: Doorst: rechten commodore

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-04-26 13:28:21

Nice dreaming. However, I'm afraid the PDA market is
FAR TOO COMPETITIVE unless you've got $billions$ to
invest in your idea.

As to a hand-held color video game system, the GameBoy
has probably got that market tied-up completely.
Unless you have something truly innovative to offer as
competition you're not likely to succeed in this area
either. I seem to recall that the BLACK/WHITE version
of GameBoy beat out even the COLOR products from
competing manufacturers.

This is the same basic problem that will be faced for
EVERY possible variation of re-invented C-64. How do
you market it successfully? How many can you sell and
to whom? What will they use it for? How much will they
be willing to pay for it?

While you and I (and many other C-64 enthusiasts)
would be willing to pay ALOT of $$$ for a new C-64,
that's not really a large enough market to justify the
development costs.

If someone could find a market into which a C-64 based
product would fit, I'd be interested to know about. I
don't deny it's possible to make such products, I just
don't see how any commercial entity could profit from
--- "Carlsson, Anders" <> wrote:
> Ruud wrote:
> > If purchsed we intend to make good use of it for
> devices such as 
> > handhled game units and handheld computing
> appliances.
> How would a pocket Commodore 64/128 compare to e.g.
> Color Gameboy? Is 
> the SCPU an invention by CMD (which this Merlancia
> would have to buy 
> a license to use) or is it just the interfacing
> solution CMD owns?
> Is there game companies which could be convinced to
> produce new games
> for an updated platform which died ten years ago,
> and would this new
> unit use the VIC-II/SID or some updated chips? If
> updated, how much
> of the C= technology would remain in the game unit? 
> Possibly I can see an extreme low-end PDA built on
> C= technology, but
> it had to be dirt cheap to find any buyers, unless
> it will contain
> much improved components - and is it then a 8-bit
> CBM machine?
> Who owns the rights to the 65xx-series? Did MOS
> Technologies go with
> Commodore in the deal, or were the rights/MOS sold
> many years before?
> /Anders Carlsson
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