RE: jeri's board - SCPU?
Date: 2001-03-13 04:59:45

my two-cents worth....

The enhanced graphics means that there is a lot more data to shuffle
around... this necessitates faster disk access (ie JiffyDOS, parallel,
harddisks, etc) and faster memory calcs and transfers (ie faster CPU).  For
the target price of approx US$100 for a Video and speed enhancer, I'd be
happy to put my hand up, but if it meant having to buy a SuperCPU to
actually make the enhanced video usable, then the "package" would be out of
my price range...

The compromise is perhaps to detect the SCPU and use it instead of the
on-board 65C02 - but only Jeri can tell us how hard that is to do. With a
bit of discipline programmers of the new card could stick to 65C02 op-codes,
something which would work on both for future program. As for existing
generation software which has gone the 65816 path, those on smaller budgets
would have to miss out....

- Nick


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