Re: jeri's board - SCPU?

From: Jolse Maginnis (
Date: 2001-03-13 13:29:54

Hi all,

> The enhanced graphics means that there is a lot more data to shuffle
> around... this necessitates faster disk access (ie JiffyDOS, parallel,
> harddisks, etc) and faster memory calcs and transfers (ie faster CPU).  For
> the target price of approx US$100 for a Video and speed enhancer, I'd be
> happy to put my hand up, but if it meant having to buy a SuperCPU to
> actually make the enhanced video usable, then the "package" would be out of
> my price range...
> The compromise is perhaps to detect the SCPU and use it instead of the
> on-board 65C02 - but only Jeri can tell us how hard that is to do. With a
> bit of discipline programmers of the new card could stick to 65C02 op-codes,
> something which would work on both for future program. As for existing
> generation software which has gone the 65816 path, those on smaller budgets
> would have to miss out....

IMHO if the card doesn't allow for using a 65816, then it'll never
fulfill it's full potential and will stuck simply displaying Jpegs and
Gifs. It has to be compatible with the new wave (pardon the pun!) of
OSes and Applications, such as Jos/The Wave/Clips/Wheels SC and any
other upcoming 65816 products.

I think talk of ethernet and automatic sprite movement (why?! :) is a
bit of a waste at the moment, since I think the core issue at the moment
is 65816/SCPU compatibility. There's not much point in talking ethernet,
because to do anything useful with it, you'll need tcp/ip too, and
applications for ethernet, do you see this happening stuck in a 64k
address space?

Anyone who has a problem with 65816, should try writing stuff for it, I
promise you'll never want to bank switch or REU transfer again!

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