RE: jeri's board - SCPU?

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-03-13 13:10:44


I must ask you to clarify whether you mean 65c02 or
6502. Its an important distinction because the 65c02
has an extended instruction set and the JMP ($xxxx)
bug fixed.

It is my understanding that Jeri is emulating a 6502
using a VHDL core and tacking on the logic necessary
to emulate the 6510 on-board I/O register and extended
DMA. Thus what we end up with is an emulated 6510 NOT

It will be important to know this the first time you
try to BRA  ;-)

--- wrote:
> my two-cents worth....
> The enhanced graphics means that there is a lot more
> data to shuffle
> around... this necessitates faster disk access (ie
> JiffyDOS, parallel,
> harddisks, etc) and faster memory calcs and
> transfers (ie faster CPU).  For
> the target price of approx US$100 for a Video and
> speed enhancer, I'd be
> happy to put my hand up, but if it meant having to
> buy a SuperCPU to
> actually make the enhanced video usable, then the
> "package" would be out of
> my price range...
> The compromise is perhaps to detect the SCPU and use
> it instead of the
> on-board 65C02 - but only Jeri can tell us how hard
> that is to do. With a
> bit of discipline programmers of the new card could
> stick to 65C02 op-codes,
> something which would work on both for future
> program. As for existing
> generation software which has gone the 65816 path,
> those on smaller budgets
> would have to miss out....
> - Nick
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