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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2001-03-13 04:12:03

I think it is a reasonable effort, as the SCPU may not work with the
board especially if she can hit her target costs, I have an SCPU and it
does great for very accurate emulation of a 64 at a higher speed, but
this board promises to be a higher speed 64 system expansion, two
seperate things in my book and not everyone already has a SuperCPU like
us.  :-/


Nate Dannenberg wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Robin Harbron wrote:
> > Nate Dannenberg wrote:
> > > If a SCPU is NOT present, the card should be able to replace it, and run
> >
> > Isn't this getting silly?  Now we're suggesting that Jeri's board
> > is not just a video board, but also a near-perfect SuperCPU
> > replacement/emulator?
> Actually what I said came out wrong.  IF she adds some kind of system
> accellerator capability (i.e. competition to SCPU) at all, at her
> discretion, it would be unwise to make it anything but a SCPU clone,
> otherwise you have the problem of programs that would otherwise run on a
> SCPU, needing the video device because of it's SCPU-like features (i.e.
> system acelleration).
> Personally, I'd rather she forget the idea of system accelleration (i.e.
> SCPU competition) and focus on *video* acelleration.  Make the CPU,
> whatever she uses, an acellerator/video-co-processor.  Let the user's
> software send commands to the card to be executed by the card's CPU, for
> drawing graphics.
> I want it to work WITH my Super CPU, not against it, and I'd rather not
> see Jeri waste time and resources making it emulate at all.
> > And if it did do the SCPU thing, why would we bother keeping our SCPUs?
> Because if it does receive this capability, the card shouldn't use it at
> all for system acelleration, it should turn it into VIDEO accelleration
> (turning off all attempts to mimick the SCPU), and let the SCPU handle
> acellerating the programs that talk to the video device.  In other words,
> allow both features to be used at the same time.

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