HELP w/ C-64 Accelerator

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-03-09 17:05:38

I recently picked up an odd card for the C-64 which
appears to be an accelerator. I need help identifying
the card and getting documentation. This is NOT a

The board is blue colored and bears a single
identifying mark "4 Mhz". It contains the following
65816 processor W65C816P-5
EPROM GI 27C256-15
a DIP-block with 8 toggle switches
a single red LED
1 250K Ohm variable resistor
1 1K Ohm variable resistor
1 3 pin connector
1 2 pin connector
1 pushbutton momentary-contact switch connected to

The 'solder' side of the board contains a one
component, a VARTA SafeTronic 2.4v 100mA black-box. I
think this is either a real-time clock or possibly a
battery unit for saving configuration settings.

With the card plugged in, the computer powers up with
blue border and blue screen and the message

The card contains its own KERNAL which defeats the
Commodore-RUN/STOP shortcut for LOAD":*",8 on my

I'm afraid to mess with the variable resistors since
tuning a resistor to zero Ohms may damage other
componenets if they depend on it for a load. I have
been experimenting with the dip switches and here's
what I've found:

Switch #1 - Enable/Disable, seems to totally kill the
card when set to zero although the LED remains lit.

Switch #2 - No apparent effect.

Switch #3 - No effect.

Switch #4 - When enabled the computer resets to a
flashing border, but no BASIC prompt or screen display
of any kind.

Switch #6 - No effect.

Switches #7 and #8 - Enabling either of these switches
prevents BASIC from starting on reset. No menu or
other screen display.

And Switch #5 (OH YEAH!) - With #5 enabled the
computer powers up with blue border, black background
and yellow cursor. The sign-on message at the top of
the screen is green and reads:

In this mode there is a "@" DOS wedge present.
LOADing a basic program yeilds the response:
"LOADING TO AREA: 0801-0869"

Some programs work with the card, others not, but I
don't notice any acceleration.

Can anyone help me identify this card and learn more
about it, please?

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