RE: LCD64 Update /Help
Date: 2001-03-09 09:25:30

>> C64e and C64b3) the VIC apprantly doesn't need the higher voltage.
>Just remember: although the new VIC-II needs no additional power supply
>voltage, the new 8580 SID still does (9v DC).
In Low-Power mode, it is assumed no sound would be available (reminds me...
I need to add an internal speaker for when it is connected to mains power)
Is there any other chips needing 12V?

>(If the 50Hz timer is needed at all).
>The $dd00 CIA can be removed from the board altogether if you don't need
>the user port or the serial bus.  Many programs don't switch the 16k video
unfortunately I had to connect the Screen to the user port as I couldn't get
to write to it when connected directly on the bus... Though a simple 74HC374
connected to IO1 or IO2 could have done the job... of the CIA. Also the
screen updates are handled by the IRQ so as to pick up "pokes" as well as
"prints" so a simple time is necessary too

>> I'm also assuming the short boards use less current because of the newer
>> design /number of chips. Is this assumption correct?
>It must be true (much less TTLs, and newer custom chips with less power
>consumption). The new VIC and SID takes much less current, that's for
Thanks Great news!

- Nick


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