Re: HELP w/ C-64 Accelerator

From: Jason Whitener (
Date: 2001-03-09 19:29:34

> I recently picked up an odd card for the C-64 which
> appears to be an accelerator. I need help identifying
> the card and getting documentation. This is NOT a
> SuperCPU!
> The board is blue colored and bears a single
> identifying mark "4 Mhz". It contains the following
> components:
> 65816 processor W65C816P-5
> EPROM GI 27C256-15
> a DIP-block with 8 toggle switches
> a single red LED
> 1 250K Ohm variable resistor
> 1 1K Ohm variable resistor
> 1 3 pin connector
> 1 2 pin connector
> 1 pushbutton momentary-contact switch connected to

I'm not a 100% sure as I never had one but it sounds like a Turbomaster CPU
4hz accelerator that was available in the 90's.  They were popular for
awhile, but never really caught on.  As far as any further specs or dox I
don't have any, but maybe that will help with your search.

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