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From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-02-20 09:31:20


I found following email in the map "concepts".

> Ask Cameron Kaiser for a beta of Hyperlink 2.5, he could probably use
> another PAL tester. You can take a peek at

To quote the page:
"No SuperCPU, REU, or even SwiftLink/Turbo232 required! All you need is a
compatible modem and Unix shell account."

I'm a little bit confused by " you need this and that" and "it won't fit in
a C=" I heard before so that I almost don't believe what I read. Just the
"UNIX shell account" puzzles me. Does this mean you need to hook up your C64
to a LINUX-PC (or whatever) first?

Until now TCP/IP stack, ppp, SLIP etc. are all software items. The phrase "a
C= has not enough memory" I don't accept because you can expand any C= with
memory in one or another way (REU, GeosRAM, 64KB-memory expansion or even
self made hacks).
The main question is: is a C= _fast_ enough?

> Walk down to the nearest computer shop and order an ISDN modem.

Last info: about $100.- Little bit out of my budget.

> RB> FYI, connecting a PC card to a C= is no problem. I've done it,
> RB> including 16 bits! (OK, no DMA)
> Details please -- what kind of card? What about IRQs?

I'm working on it, just give me some time, OK? :)
About the "no DMA", I didn't implement it just because of lack of knowledge.
Nowadays I think I am able to connect a 8237 to a C=. Any ideas how this
could be made usefull?

Groetjes, Ruud

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