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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-02-20 13:36:40

>>>>> "RB" == Ruud Baltissen <> writes:


RB> To quote the page: "No SuperCPU, REU, or even SwiftLink/Turbo232
RB> required! All you need is a compatible modem and Unix shell
RB> account."

RB> I'm a little bit confused by " you need this and that" and "it
RB> won't fit in a C=" I heard before so that I almost don't believe
RB> what I read. Just the "UNIX shell account" puzzles me. Does this
RB> mean you need to hook up your C64 to a LINUX-PC (or whatever)
RB> first?

Yup, or whatever. You need to connect to a unix machine with an
internet connection. On that machine you run a perl proxy that
translates HTML and images to something that HyperLink understands
(linkscript iirc).

RB> Until now TCP/IP stack, ppp, SLIP etc. are all software items. The
RB> phrase "a C= has not enough memory" I don't accept because you can
RB> expand any C= with memory in one or another way (REU, GeosRAM,
RB> 64KB-memory expansion or even self made hacks).

But expansion memory isn't always suitable -- it's not directly
addressable, and slow to work with. Paging in a 256-byte buffer from a
REU costs almost 300 cycles, and a single IP packet can be much larger
than that.

RB> The main question is: is a C= _fast_ enough?

Barely. Take a look at LUnix, it has a working TCP/IP stack and
doesn't need an accelerator. For simple text-based protocols such as
SMTP/POP or irc, it does work.

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