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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-02-15 13:39:38

>>>>> "RB" == Ruud Baltissen <> writes:

RB> My goal: connecting a C= to the internet. My only condition is
RB> that as much as possible inteligence is on the C= it self. Using
RB> the C= just as a dumb terminal is out of the question. At least
RB> the browser must run on the C=.

Ask Cameron Kaiser for a beta of Hyperlink 2.5, he could probably use
another PAL tester. You can take a peek at

RB> Also think of another aspect. Try to explain people that you are
RB> browsing the web with your C= while next to it stands a big, ugly,

So get a good-looking, small PC :) Truth be told, I'm still looking
for one that fits both my technical and aesthetic needs, but I'm sure
I'll find one eventually.

ND> What we need, in my opinion, is not a new TCP/IP stack, those
ND> already exist. We don't need PPP, we already have it.

RB> OK, so we have it. How does it look like, green with orange
RB> stripes?

It's software.

RB> I now one occasion where a Ethercard would be handy but at home I
RB> do not have a network.

Get two of these ethercards for your commodores and you do. Or get a
$10 card for your pc, or a high-speed internet connection such as ADSL
or a cablemodem -- it's all ethernet.

RB> Just a thought: what about a ISDN-inter- face?

Walk down to the nearest computer shop and order an ISDN modem. RS-232
in one end, ISDN connector in the other. ISDN is only 128 kb/s so a
Turbo232 is adequate. I'm pretty sure they're hayes compatible, so it
should work with any PPP stack, such as LUnix or the Wave.

RB> Or may be better/easier to realize, connecting an ISA-ISDN card to
RB> a C=? Does anybody know if a ISDN card uses DMA?

Internal cards might, but it's not necessary considering the low data

RB> FYI, connecting a PC card to a C= is no problem. I've done it,
RB> including 16 bits! (OK, no DMA)

Details please -- what kind of card? What about IRQs?

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