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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-02-15 14:05:31

>>>>> "RB" == Ruud Baltissen <> writes:

RB> That's why "as much as possible". I'll try to start with a browser
RB> first.

Isn't that kind of starting in the wrong end? And it's one of the more
complicated things to write -- at least if you want to do it "right".
It's also the most memory hungry. Before you can write any internet
app at all, you need to have TCP/IP running, on top of PPP or Ethernet
or whatever.

RB> I was playing with this idea as well: stuff all what you need in a
RB> big EPROM. And program it so it can be addressed directly. This
RB> leaves almost all the RAM free for the page to be downloaded.
RB> Theoretically you only need a piece of memory for bankswitching
RB> plus the $8000-$9FFF area. With just ONE 8 bit register you can
RB> address 256*8 KB of ROM. I think 2 MB can do the trick, won't it?
RB> :) And BTW, the same trick can be used to add extra RAM. And
RB> everything with only a card in the expansion port.

You'll have to work around the PLA though. Writes to the $8000-9fff
area are directed to the underlying RAM.

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