Re: 1 MB image for VIC-20

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-02-15 14:22:06

>>>>> "RB" == Ruud Baltissen <> writes:

RB> Some questions purely out of curiousity: Where is the compression
RB> good for? In general you gain about 50%.

I haven't counted the number of Vic-20 ROMs out there, but in order to
fit all of them in 1MB together with a menu program you'll probably
have to compress them.

RB> If a P700 needs 30 seconds to compress, how much time does the
RB> VIC20 need to decompress it, even it is a part?

Decompression is much faster than compression. It usually takes a
couple of seconds to decompress a game -- this is what happens after
you run a game or demo and it makes the SID "groan" or flashes the

RB> Is there more info available, SW, HW, maybe site?

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