Re: C= and internet

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-02-15 12:59:18

Hallo Marko,
> > My goal: connecting a C= to the internet. My only condition is that as
> > as possible inteligence is on the C= it self.
> You are probably going to have problems with that.  It has been pointed
> out that the software needs tens of kilobytes, and there won't be much
> memory left for storing the page being displayed.

That's why "as much as possible". I'll try to start with a browser first.

> What I'm trying
> to say is that instead of trying to do everything on the C= side, it's
> much easier to combine the two worlds.

I just quote a person we both know very well:
"Why climb a mountain? Because it's there!"

> I've been looking at Pasi Ojala's PuCrunch, since a couple of local guys
> suggested an idea of making an all-games-in-one cartridge for the VIC-20.
> The most feasible way is to compress all games into a 1-megabyte image,
> and to write a decompressor that extracts a game from the huge ROM to a
> 32k RAM on the cartridge.  Using a 700 MHz Pentium III, the compression
> task takes a bit under 30 seconds (I tried it yesterday).

I was playing with this idea as well: stuff all what you need in a big
EPROM. And program it so it can be addressed directly. This leaves almost
all the RAM free for the page to be downloaded. Theoretically you only need
a piece of memory for bankswitching plus the $8000-$9FFF area. With just ONE
8 bit register you can address 256*8 KB of ROM. I think 2 MB can do the
trick, won't it? :)
And BTW, the same trick can be used to add extra RAM. And everything with
only a card in the expansion port.

> > Just a thought: what about a ISDN-interface?
> Forget it.  ISDN is unnecessarily complicated.....

If you say so, I believe you immediatly. As said, just a thought.

Groetjes, Ruud

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