Re: C= and internet

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 2001-02-01 01:12:03

Hello Marcello,

Wednesday, January 31, 2001, 8:18:41 PM, you wrote:

>> MvB> Cramming a HTML-parser into 64K is quite a job. Adding a full
>> MvB> TCP/IP stack won't fit.
>> And even if you manage to cram it all in there (see LUnixNG), there
>> isn't any space left for storing the downloaded web pages.

MRDOM> WOP! The pages! Especially today, some pages can take 100+ KB!

This doesn't mean that HTML file have 100K size. Eg. the 1541 source
in HTML eats ca. 339 KByte. BTW, at every end of line two chars
$0d,$0a. 8291 lines at all means 8291*2=16582 wasted bytes. And space chars
eats much more bytes. Ignore them (compact) and you need less space
for storing pages.

About images. C64/C128 in graphic mode can display 16 different colors
(without tricks). Thus no need to cache or store 256 or more color images
and reload/resample every time. Just store in resized downsampled 16
colors and voila. 320x200 image takes 8K of RAM. RAM disk or 1541
disk can fit 21 of such file (without of any compression algorithm). This
means 21 screens of graphics.

Everything going to have big (and fast enough) storage (like RAMDisk or HDD)
and stock C64/C128 can do small web browser things (I mean much better
possibilities than WAP browsers :-).


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