User Port and AutoRun Addresses

From: Nick Coplin (
Date: 2001-02-02 02:50:41

Hello All,

Lacking a programmer's reference guide for all but the C64, I need some address info about the C128 and C16/Plus4

What address is the userport at and the DDR for it?
What is the pinout of the userport regarding datalines only, is it C64/V20 compatible?
Where is the input buffer (loc512 on the C64/Vic20)?
Where to I load in order to initiate a vector based autorun function (ie I normally use the CHROUT vector/tape buffer on a C64)?
Where are BASIC start /end text pointers?

(I guess some aspects of BASIC 3.5 are the same as BASIC 7.0)
The above questions plus... 
What is some simple code to bank I/O in and out of processor space?

Many thanks in advance.

- Nick

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