Re: Problems running VIMM & VVV (Was: 2114 chips needed?)

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 2001-01-10 10:31:47

MagerValp <> wrote:

> The 1541-II I'm using has JiffyDOS, could that be a problem?

I'm not sure if the VIC is compatible with JiffyDOS (or if JiffyDOS
is transparent for non-Jiffied computers), but I remember someone
else in comp.sys.cbm who weren't able to access his 1541 from VIC,
but it worked fine with his 64. He also had JiffyDOS on the drive.

I'm also using a 1541-II with both my 64 and VIC, without any
errors, but I don't have any hardware disk turbos installed.

By the way, both demos uses Marko's loading routines, so that could
be a reason why neither demo runs. Also, you should be careful to
name the parts properly: in VVV it is 1-, 2- etc. In VIMM it is
VICPIC.P, TECH^2.P etc (i.e. with the .P or .N extention for PAL/NTSC).

/Anders Carlsson
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