Re: CBM-II/B series questions(Basic Differences)

From: André Fachat (
Date: 2001-01-10 10:38:09

> 2)  Does the CBM-II have extra space between lines in text mode like the
>     8032?

The C610/620 have a normal 8x8 pixel character setup, with no extra
scanlines between the chars (in both graphics/text modes)

The C710/720 have a IIRC 14x8 pixel setup, i.e. 14 scanlines per char,
but also with no extra scanlines between the character (in both
graphics/text modes)

> 4064
>   Sprites are disabled.  To enable, POKE 646,PEEK(646) OR 128.

How can sprites be disabled by the operating system? Is it not
possible to just enable them by poking to the VIC? (Assuming 4064
has a C64-like basic without extra sprite commands).

> Control Codes Not The Same In All Versions
>    2  underline         31  blue

Do these codes include the PET BASIC 4 codes?
Ah, I see top left and bottom right define the window?

>   15  flash/top left   137  F2/set tab      152  m gray/bl-grn

> Memory Available For Basic Programs
>   C16                 12287 bytes
>   VIC 20         3583-28159 bytes
>   PET/CBM        3071-31743 bytes

There is a LOS-96 basic extension for the PET, that presumably
separates variables from program code in the 8096/8296 machines 
and put them to other banks, but I don't have the numbers at hand.

>   C128               122365 bytes

Should this not also be separated into code and variable numbers?

Great work!


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