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From: Marcello Magnifico (
Date: 2000-12-11 22:17:39

> Haven't you got anything for the VIC-20?
> Cartridges, tapes, peripherals...

No hardware at all, sorry. I might catch out many programs from my
"type'n'run" magazines of the Golden Age, but it will be a long work
of search and photocopying: I ought do that with a very low priority.
A friend of mine probably still has old programs for the VIC-20, bundled
together in the same tape with other machines' as his C/64 and the
Sinclair ZX Spectrum. I'll try asking: he's got a 1541 and probably
doesn't mind at all about those tapes. There's something interesting for
the VIC-20 on the two issues of POCKET PET magazine I photocopied from the
Cremona public library. You could like more the whole copies of those,
than just the articles about the VIC; just let me know.
If I can put together a reasonable quantity of something that you find
interesting, might we organize a materials exchange? I'm pretty confident
we'll be able to negotiate an agreement convenient for both parts. By the
way, I'm in long search of old "nerdish" italian magazines and books. List
follows, in the case you or someone else can help.

-all computer books from Edizioni Acanthus
-"Commodore" (Systems Editoriale, all except ML and Drive special issues)
-"Commodore Computer Club" (Systems Editoriale, only before #15)
-"Computer" (Systems Editoriale, weekly, only before 1992)
-"Personal Computer Club" (Systems Editoriale, everything
between+including #7 and #31, or before #6)
-"Bit" (Jackson, everything before 1990, especially before 1985)
-"MCmicrocomputer" (Technimedia, #102, or everything before #99)
-"Micro & Personal Computer" (everything before 1990)

All italians, general call. Keep up with the Commodores! See signature.


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